Sunday, August 14, 2016


We had a slow start to the morning but finally got down the street to the Soda Fountain for breakfast.  It had been recommended to us the day before so that made it an easy choice.
On the way out we got talking to two ladies (Vicki & Gail) who were selling raffle tickets to raise money to buy a piano for the local aged care facility.  We thought that a good thing so bought a ticket.  We mentioned that we were from the other side of the world and they assured us that if we win they will personally send the prize to us.  I took a photo of them holding 'our' winning ticket.  It might be deemed rigged if we win now...!!!
Most of the day we drove through dry farm country, unless irrigation was being used.  Then it was as green as green gets.  Water really is the elixir of life.
We saw a bunch of horses on a hill and thought something was strange when none of them moved.  Then we realized they were all full-sized sculptures.  Someone did a lot of work to make them and position them on the hill.  They did draw the eye though.
There were a variety of crops in full production.
We passed farm land where hay was stacked rather than baled.  It hales back to days of old and the techniques have never changed. It's what those farmers choose to do.
We could see the farmers and their horses in action but too far away to to glean any detail.  I found these photo's however which shows what they were doing.
This was in the area of Avon where we pulled in for lunch.  There was one cafe on the main road and further up were a handful of houses - that was the town of Avon.   We pulled Ellie up in the only shade we could find and went to eat.
Further along we came across some BIG CHICKENS.  Nothing for it than to stop and meet them.  If I could've taken them home I would have.
We eventually got to a place called East Greenough, the only thing there was a service station.  It provided some much needed shade and a cold ice-cream.   We were close to our destination for the night.   We thought we'd ride up to the next town, or perhaps the one after that, and stay the night.    Nowhere jumped out at us as a nice place to stay so we kept going.  It's pretty countryside, we've left the farm fields behind and now back in forests and riding besides lakes.  This is a huge trout fishing area.
I needed a break from the pillion seat so we pulled over so I could walk around for a bit and Paul checked the map.  Not too far to the next town.  Fingers crossed there is somewhere to stay there.
From here the road and scenery became more engaging and we had a pleasant ride to Bigfork, Montana.
We found a magnificent place to stay but it was way above our price range.  When we enquired about further accommodation the owner had another place further out of town.  We accepted that and then the owner changed the price of where we were at and we snavelled it quick smart. It was a French inspired room with the name "Leather & Lace'.  It was right in town and overlooked the lake and the huge storm coming our way.  We were so glad to be parked up for the night.  We walked around the town which could have been a Swiss village.  We decided to eat across the road from where we were staying.  Service was excellent, food was excellent and the lightning and thunder made for a dramatic evening meal.   Lightning blazed across the sky every 30 seconds, some landing very close to us.  While we ate the rain came down.  We were happy, dry and the best part is Ellie had undercover parking. 

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