Thursday, August 4, 2016


Chris had a mission today to get the skeg on the outboard motor re-welded back on.  We drove with him to Dodge County Cycles to get the job done.  Rick, the owner, was away and Chris managed to convince one of the co-workers to let us see Rick's collection of everything.  I say everything because I have no idea how to categorize it.  There was just so much of all sorts of weird and wonderful things.  I couldn't fathom how on earth someone could collect so much, but obviously they can.  The first section was in an underground cavern that used to function as a cheese factory.   It was fascinating to see.
We were then allowed to another shed to see the motorcycle collection.  I did promise not to show any photo's from this section but to say the collection is large and varied is an understatement.
Back home Judi had cooked a brunch of omelettes and fruit.  Yum.  We all hoed in and then it was time to pack Ellie up and hit the road.  The only good thing about this is Chris decided to come along for the ride as well.  We said our goodbye's to Judi and hit the road at 2.30pm.
We meandered through some nice country until we hit the Merrimac Ferry which crosses the Wisconsin River and the scenery got even better.  It was a great place for a half-hour rest.  My backside sure needed it.
Once across the other side it wasn't long before we were riding through Devils Lake State Park.  We climbed higher and higher and the trees eventually gave way to a beautiful lake on top of the mountain.
Down we went on the other side, a fabulous ride.  We reached the flats and rode through undulating farmland.  The next place of interest Chris showed us was Van Hise Rocks in the Baraboo Hills.  These rock formations have been of interest to geologists for over 100 years and have become a mecca for geologists worldwide.
We rode through Wonowoc to Hillborough where it was decided to stop and have a cold beer.  We'd been on the ride for quite a while at this stage and with a distance to go a rest was in order.
To top the day we rode over Wild Cat Mountain. Fantastic. Corner after corner after corner.  It was excellent riding.  Then we followed the coulee's (narrow valleys) for a bit.
We rode through an area where the Amish follow their particular lifestyle and farming principles.  I didn't get one photo but wished I had.  Several were out on the roads in their horse and buggy's, I saw farmers turning the fields with horse and plough and others gathering their crops.  I saw the horses in the courtyards being unhitched after a days work and members of the family attending their particular chores. It was really interesting to see and to try and imagine how their lives are.  The Amish live a simple life, devoid of any technology.  Somehow I reckon I'd fit right in.

On the last section of our ride the sun was getting low.  We spotted four deer on the side of the road.  We were pleased when we finally arrived in La Crosse just before 9.00pm.
We got our rooms sorted and then went across the road to eat.  Imagine our surprise, or rather Chris' surprise, when he ran into a bunch of Guzzi riders from Illinois. There was laughter, handshakes and introductions all round.  What a coincidence.
We ordered our meal then went down to the Mississippi River and dipped our hands in the mighty river before eating and eventually calling it quits for the day.
Thanks Chris for an excellent, excellent few days.

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