Thursday, August 25, 2016


It was a reluctant parting of ways this morning.  We've known Chris for 17 years so all we can do is look forward to the next meeting, which ever side of the world that may be.
We then rode to East Vancouver to visit Booth one last time - we were still yet to pay for the final drive.  He wasn't there which disappointed us so we gave the dosh to his secretary.  But, as luck would have it, Booth came around the corner on his mouldy Chiang Jiang outfit just as we put our helmets on. 
It was now time to say goodbye to Canada and hello again to USA.  We rode south on Canada's No.1 Highway.  After about 2 hours of riding (and seeing signs to Kamloops) we pulled over and figured out we'd missed the border crossing.  How on earth did we do that...???
We weren't disappointed though as the countryside was glorious.  We saw more of Canada than we planned!   We back-tracked to Chilliwack and had a late lunch.  We then made our way to the Sumas border crossing but we certainly had to keep our eyes open for the signs - easy to miss!
The border guard asked the usual questions, one being "Where are you going?"  Our answer was "San Francisco" and his response was  "ON THAT?"   This fellow obviously has no idea at all about Ellie's capabilities!

We traveled through farmland and it was clear we were in a different kind of neighbourhood.  Houses and buildings were in various states of disrepair.  We'd also been traveling through mountainous country for a couple of weeks so to find ourselves back in flat country was not so interesting.  We did however find a motorcycle shop but it was closed.
We got fuel at Burlington...
We then we rode to Everett where we decided to stay the night.  As often happens the establishment allowed Ellie to be parked right at the front door and under cover.  We always appreciated these offers, especially when rain is looming (but didn't eventuate in this case).  
We walked about the township of Everett, ate a nice Asian meal and found a closed-up motorcycle shop.  Can't help but wonder what it would have been like...???

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