Thursday, August 25, 2016


Staying at Alan's was relaxing and peaceful, so much so we slept in.  Following a cooked breaky he and Paul popped off to the 'shop' (shed) to change Ellie's engine, gearbox and final drive oils and changed the points.  The rear rack also had a crack in it so that got re-welded, ready for the next leg of the trip.  That took care of the morning.  Ellie was finally ready to continue her journey.
We said are farewells to Judith while Alan got ready to ride with us and show us some of the local roads.
The funniest thing ever was when Alan only went a hundred yards before running out of fuel.  He made it just past his letterbox!  We laughed and laughed while Alan rolled back to the shed and got his Transalp.  We then got on the road for a short  tour.
Because we were too early to catch the ferry we decided to go further afield and explore some more.  We ended up at Witherby Beach, enjoyed the views, picked some blackberries and then said our farewells before heading back to the ferry terminal and parting ways.  Thanks Alan for opening your home (and shop) to us.  Greatly appreciated.
Once through the ferry gates we were just in time to watch our ferry depart - we'd MISSED it...!!!   No matter, it wasn't long before we were chatting to other motorcyclists.  We also had time to explore the market stalls and grab a drink at the snack shop.  We only had to wait an hour-and-a-half before the next ferry arrived.
There were many cars lined up ready to board.  This driver captured my attention.
The ferry arrived and we all boarded.  The motorcycles rode on first so we had a front row seat for the return crossing.
We got chatting to a couple of 'new' riders who were still excited (and nervous) about riding their motorcycles.  They were also hilariously funny which made the crossing to Horseshoe Bay too quick.  Meet Michael & Peter, bus-drivers in North Vancouver.
We arrived back at Chris' and found her diligently slaving away in the kitchen, preparing the last supper (so to speak).
That enabled me to relax and catch up on some diary writing.   Thanks Chris, it's not often I kick back and relax like I did at your place.
For desert we got tubs of ice-cream from 'Marble Slab', a shop on the corner, then watched a DVD called "Seattle Worlds Fair 1962".  It was completely appropriate as that's where we hope to find ourselves tomorrow.  Loved it.

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