Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Today we fly home.  Two months on the road and now it's over.  We were surprisingly in a very relaxed state (thanks to Regina).  Patrick left early for a golf tournament but I managed to say goodbye before he drove off.  We spent the morning sorting through our paperwork and getting the export documents together for Ellie and the V700.  Regina made bruschetta for lunch which was yum.
We sorted through our gear and managed to pack it all in our newly acquired suitcases.  While we were relaxing and enjoying the outdoor bird display the elusive Coopers Hawk decided to make an appearance.  We'd heard stories about him every day so how fortunate that we finally got to see him (and just in the nick of time).  What a beautiful bird.
(Shakespeare's) Juliet's words to Romeo "Parting is such sweet sorrow..." came to mind when it came time to say goodbye to Ellie.  It was hard to leave her.  She carried us 12,584 kms (7,240 miles) and as such a strong bond has formed between man and machine.
I had a parting shot with Regina before it was in the car and off to the airport.  We viewed a magnificent sunset on the way...
In this next shot, if you look carefully, you'll see the fog crawling over the San Franciscan hills. We had a quiet chuckle thinking about the next plane load of tourists freezing to (near) death when they arrive in the city.
Our time here has now drawn to an end. The airport looms.
Goodbye USA.  Goodbye Canada.  It's been a FABULOUS journey.   Our only hope now is we can get back sooner, rather than later.  Ciao.

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