Wednesday, August 3, 2016


No sleep-in for us after a very late night.  We made arrangement to meet Chris at Holy Hill Road and then follow him out to his place.  We had time to be introduced to his wife Judi, unpack and then get in the car and drive to Green Lake for the Moto Guzzi Club meeting.  We did feel we should ride and Chris felt the same way but with thunderstorms forecast for the entire afternoon it was probably a wise decision.
We arrived in time for the lunch-meeting and met several of the Wisconson Guzzi group.
Post meeting Chris & Judi drove us around the back roads where we enjoyed the countryside scenery. And to think, for the entire afternoon, there was not a cloud in the sky...!!!   We could of ridden afterall.
Back home a pleasant afternoon was shared with lots of chatter and laughs.   Jim came back to the house to share a few ales, peanuts and stories.  A great afternoon.
We all went to the 'local' for dinner.  We had a pizza and it was really good.  The pub was interesting as there were hundreds of mugs hanging up.  Each mug is numbered and belongs to someone.  When they enter the pub they go grab their mug from the hook and they are then served with their beveridge of choice.

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