Sunday, August 21, 2016


It was late morning when we found ourselves once again on the East side of town to meet up with Booth as arranged.  He wasn't home!  No matter, we needed to go to a bike shop nearby to collect a new rear tyre we'd ordered two days earlier. I don't mind giving 'Modern Motorcycling' a plug as their service was way above and beyond any of the other bike shops in Vancouver and did what they said they would do.   Ellie's rear tyre was stuffed and we desperately needed a new one.  No other shop in Vancouver could get a tyre for another week-to-ten days but Modern Motorcycling said they could.  We had our doubts but had no option but to trust their word was good. It was.  They delivered with wonderful service and very friendly disposition.
We then drove back to North Vancouver and went to a famous (for Vancouverites) eating place called 'White Spot' for lunch.   We had a great meal, made all the better by Kevin, our charismatic waiter.
It was then back 'home' to complete the task of reassembling Ellie's final drive and wheel.
Early evening we all drove up Mt. Cypress to look out over the city.
Because we were close, we drove around to Horseshoe Bay to get familiar with where the ferries depart to the Sunshine Coast (we'll be going there tomorrow).
Home was via Marine Drive, full of multi-million dollar homes, and then through Pemberton Heights to visit where Chris spent part of her youth.  It was just after 9.00pm when we got home (still daylight), satisfied with another relaxing day.  It was exactly what we needed after weeks of riding across country.  A bit of rest and relaxation.  Thanks Chris.

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