Tuesday, August 30, 2016


Every morning in Fremont we delighted in the antics of the squirrels and the various birds that frequented Patrick & Regina's back yard.  It's almost a National Park in it's own right.  We watched mourning dove's, finches, bluejays, oriole's, woodpeckers and hummingbirds (I'm sure there were a few others to add to the list).  We were told of a hawk that swoops through the yard for an easy meal but he escaped our sights.
The squirrels (a mum and two babies) ate, played, hopped, skipped and tumbled their way through the day.
Regina was out for the day which left Patrick at home to deal with us.  He drove us down-town as we needed to buy two suitcases from an op-shop.  We found two beauties so now we have something to pack our belongings in for the flight home.

Paul then set about cleaning Ellie and preparing her for export.  Australian quarantine can be terribly strict so we needed to ensure Ellie was gleaming.
At the end of the day we wandered around the corner to the local Mexican Restaurant for a feed...
Then it was back home to watch the strangest (but also captivating) movie I think we've ever seen - 'Harold and Maude'.  The reason for the movie was three-fold.  1. It had great music from Cat Stevens,   2. the movie featured a Police Eldorado the same as Ellie, and 3. the movie was made in the local Fremont area.   A great way to end the  day.

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