Wednesday, August 24, 2016


We left North Vancouver mid-morning complete with old diff, new motorcycle tyre and oils ready for a full service at Alan's place.
We rode to Horseshoe Bay and caught the ferry to Gibsons at midday.  The crossing takes an hour and it was quite stunning looking at surrounding hills and mountains in every direction.
One of the crew picked Ellie out of the crowd and came marching across to chat with us.  He was impressed with our old girl.  He also had bikes of similar vintage, albeit Japanese.  His name was Mike and he was a nice fella.  We quietly chuckled to ourselves as Mike totally ignored all the other bikes on board.
We eventually arrived at Alan & Judith's place via a bush track.  When the signs say 'Sunshine Coast' this isn't quite what we were expecting.
We parked Ellie up outside Moto Largo where she was about to have a full service and a new rear tyre fitted.
We had a connection with Alan because of Moto Guzzi's but what really cemented it was he'd toured Tasmania on a Velocette in November 2013, the exact rally we were unable to attend.  Oh the irony....!!!
While the boys played 'motorcycles' I went for a walk through the bush to the nearby coast.  I found the walk strange, there was not a sound to be heard.
It was obvious that this area is one full of creativity with art works dotted all around the place.  Little pieces would jut out of trees, or fences, or on washed up logs and always creating a pleasant surprise.
 I collected a small rock from the beach in Nova Scotia (North Atlantic Ocean) with the intention of collecting another rock from the west coast (North Pacific Ocean).  Imagine the smile on my face when I found these.  Of course I took one...
Once back at Moto Largo I found Paul & Alan hard at it reassembling Ellie.
Not only does Alan know his way around a motorcycle, he is also pretty handy in the kitchen.  He whipped up a lovely lamb, rice and salad dish followed by ice-cream with chocolate cake and sauce.  YUM.  Judith and I chatted in the office as she helped me with my quest to find out a little more about my Massachusetts ancestors.  I asked Alan why the bush was so quiet.  His response, "Oh, there could've been a bear about or even a cougar.  One killed a local cat last week".  Bloody hell...!!!

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