Monday, August 1, 2016


After breakfast we packed Ellie and we were ready to head off.  We didn't really want to leave.  Dan and Bev are such wonderful people.  Bev was already hard at work in her office but she was able to pop out and say goodbye before we departed. 
Dan offered to show us the way out but first we made a detour to see WELLAND CANAL.   That is the Canadian version of the Suez and Panama Canals, albeit on a smaller scale.  Being from a marine background Paul was pleased to learn about it.   

Just as we were about to leave another fellow rode in on a Triumph Tiger, he said a quick hello and then rushed to the fence to take some photo's.  Once the ship passed he came over to chat.  During the conversation we asked him what he did for a living.  His response:  I'm a 2nd Marine Engineer.  His name is Dan also and it turns out he is going in the same direction as us so we decided to travel together.
Dan-1 led the way to the road out of town and we parted ways with big smiles and a wave.  It was a little sad to be leaving him.  We wished we had more time to stay a few days but we wanted to attend a swap meet in Ohio so that meant we had to keep moving.

Dan-2 and us seemed to negotiate the massive highway systems going off in multi-layered figure of 8's, twisting and turning yet somehow we managed to head in the right direction.   It was HOT.  Once out on the road we needed to be on we pulled in to Hamilton as Dan needed petrol.  We also decided to stop for something to eat and drink while we were in the town.  Tim Hortons to the rescue.  We parked in the 'No Parking' area as it was the only shade about.  Ellie is our child and we look after her the best we can - she deserved some shade.
Another couple of hours up the road we pulled in to the Westbound Service Centre for a cold drink.   It's here we encountered our first moose.  I've been on the lookout for one and I wasn't disappointed. We approached with caution and all ended well.
We still had a ways to go so back on the bikes and ride, ride, ride.  Most of the day spent riding past cornfields in undulating hillside.  It was a fairly straight ride and reasonably pleasant for highway stuff so we were pleased to have another bike alongside to act as a distraction.  A few kilometers before Sarnia (the USA-Canada border) we pulled over on the roadside for a short chat and to bid our farewells. 
We knew we were getting close to the border when the trucks were at a standstill for 7 kilometers.  We, however, got quite close to the border crossing and only had to wait 45 minutes in the boiling hot sun.  We were stamped through with no issues and then stopped at Port Huron for fuel and an ice-cream.
We were pleased to be on the last leg of what seemed like an unending highway.  As we got closer to Detroit we could see black storm clouds gathering in that direction.   As luck would have it, we skirted around the storm clouds but only just.  We could see it raining not too far on our right. 
As we make our way to Pleasant Ridge we were stopped by a vivacious and bubbly lady in a car and she said follow me, you're coming to our place.  We were amazed, grinned and wondered what were the chances of being spotted in a city the size of Detroit and escorted to our hosts home!    Probably pretty good when riding something as 'exotic' as Ellie.
It was 7.00pm when we arrived and were thrilled to meet Jeff & Dana who we'd been corresponding with for some time.   And then we met Scarlett & Max, their children, who are just gorgeous.   We were hot and tired, we unpacked showered, enjoyed a wonderful Lebanese meal and chatted away till it was time to fall asleep.  We have a big few days ahead.

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