Monday, August 1, 2016


The day started early with Max and Scarlett presenting Paul with his birthday board.  They were pleased with themselves but I think Paul was more pleased with the gesture.  No mistaking how old he is...!!!
Once the kids left for Camp and Dana to work we sat at the table and chatted for quite a while about motorcycles.  Now that would come as a surprise to most readers...!!!   The time came when Jeff and Paul decided they better get serious about regular maintenance and checking out the clunk in Ellie's front end.

Paul changed the engine oil and balanced the carburettor's.  An incorrect sized bolt was inserted in to the fork dampers and this allowed the dampers to move up and down causing the clunking noise.  It took quite a while to discover but two new (metric) bolts solved the problem.   Luckily for us, Jeff had a pair of brand new dampers on the shelf which we decided to change also.  Thanks Jeff for your many hours of toil and problem solving expertise.  True to your t-shirt, you really are an 'oily soul'.
To test ride Ellie once repairs were complete Jeff took Paul to Moto POW, the local motorcycle shop which services and repairs older bikes.  Meanwhile, I stayed 'home' and began working on this blog.
Dana and the kids returned home later in the afternoon and Scarlett & Max decided we had to see the new playground that's been installed across the road.  We were actually super impressed with the equipment.
Jeff came over looking for all us 'kids'.  Time to head back to the house for the evening meal.  To Paul's surprise Scarlett presented him with a special birthday cake complete with candle
After tea, Jeff on his Eldorado and us on Ellie went to visit Dave and check out his bikes. On the way we rode past 'Bike Night' in the downtown area.  Everything imaginable was displayed for all to see.  This is a regular Thursday night thing.
We enjoyed a lovely evening at Dave's and was super-impressed with his workmanship on his custom bikes.  You'd go a long way to find better.

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