Sunday, August 21, 2016


We woke to a splendid day.  The views overlooking the city skyline were splendid although I'm not sure Paul wanted to be reminded of 'work' as the ships plied up and down the bay.
Chris returned from work late morning and together we went down to Lonsdale Quay for a bite to eat before catching the Sea-Bus ferry across the bay to Gas Town.
The first shop we came across was the Mounted Police Post, full of red-uniformed Mountie paraphernalia but one thing that we found interesting was the walls were covered with embroidered patches from every military force from every country around the world.  It made for a colourful display.
We wandered around the old and new conference centre areas along the waterfront.
And then we walked the length of Gas Town, the old part of town full of character and intrigue.
We came across the world's first steam powered clock and hung around long enough to hear it chime.
Gas Town is a treed area, reasonably quiet from traffic noise, full of interesting shops and of course the eateries.
And we saw the site where Gassy Jack (and others) named the city of Vancouver...
Before we knew it it was time to catch the ferry back to North Vancouver.  City views from the water are always splendid.
We grabbed an ice-cream on the way home and decided that we'd had a great day.
Time was marching on and Paul had yet to pull Ellie's final drive apart.  In the apartment car-park we found a lit-up spot and began the dismantling process. 
The newly acquired rear drive was bolted to the drive shaft and we left it at that for the night as there were three bottles of wine waiting upstairs.
Chris had cooked a nice meal and we enjoyed the dimming lights over the city as the evening wore on.

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