Thursday, August 18, 2016


We slept in after our big day yesterday but woke to fine weather.  We packed up camp, dried the underside of the tent and then off in to town for breakfast at Cafe Mondo.
Jasper is a nice place, a little Swiss in style, but that is in keeping with the surrounding mountains. 
We headed east out of Jasper National Park.  No surprise to find more roadside mountain scenery. Does it ever end ?
We left Alberta, crossed to British Columbia and entered Mt. Robson Park.  Mount Robson is the highest peak in the Rockies.  Plenty of mountains about but the terrain gave way to more trees and lakes.
One impression that is firmly imprinted in our minds is coming around a corner and seeing wild deer drinking from the stream.  By the time we went back to watch they had bolted. The photo below shows the stone area where they were standing.  It was one of those picture perfect moments that don't happen by so often.
Mt. Robson was covered in cloud as we expected so we didn't bother to stop.  By this point we are nearly mountained out anyway!
We pulled in to Valemount mid-afternoon and had a snack and a short rest before venturing further along the road.
What a surprise to find more mountains along the way...
We pulled in to a small place called Clearwater and booked a motel for the night - once again we were fortunate enough to get 'the last available room'.   We've heard this so many times that we wondered if it was a standard sentence used on unsuspecting guests.  Several times the 'No Vacancy' signs went up after we booked in, so I'm guessing that we have been fortunate in our travels.  It seems 99% of people book ahead to secure a room but we cant do that as we never know where we are going to end the day.

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