Sunday, August 28, 2016


The day started off well with two visitors by late-morning.  Linda popped in for a bit and then Carmen, who I was looking forward to catching up with.
After lunch we walked across the farm to visit Paul (my old boss when the farm was a high production hops plantation) and his man cave.  Paul's wife Alice also popped over to the shed so I got to catch up with everyone.
Paul even got to try out (as in sit on)  Paul's two choppers.  I don't think he fancied riding them...!!!
For me, a highlight was seeing the old 1923 Model T Ford that belonged to Paul's father and used in the early days of the farms development.  Fast forward time and it's lovely to see the third generation still working on the farm and the Model T still in the family.
Mid-afternoon we drove to the German inspired town of Mount Angel.  We visited St. Mary's church...
...and then we walked down the street just in time to see the town's Glockenspiel in action.
After that we drove to Dave & Susie's beautiful home but I was sad to learn they were out traveling in their Airstream.  I  would have loved to see them, but if I was honest I would have loved to see their Airstream more!   I've been counting Airstreams from one end of the country to the other.  So far I'm up to 21.
I didn't get to see Dave & Susie but I did get to meet the little angel in their kitchen.

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