Sunday, August 28, 2016


We traveled to the top of a mountain on the east side (Mt. Washington) so it was only appropriate we do the same thing on the west side.  We did want to visit Mount St. Helen's but when we were nearby it was evident the mountain was covered in low cloud and it was raining in that direction.  Not too many boxes to tick to make us head in that direction!   So, that just left one other mountain to visit as part of revisiting past memories. Roy, Ruth, Paul & I left early morning and drove to Mount Hood.  At the end of the road lies the beautiful Timberline Lodge, built in 1938.  It was nice to see the building hadn't changed at all since my last visit in 1992.
We were surprised to see a skiing competition in full swing.  It is the middle of summer afterall.   It didn't look quite right seeing space-suit cladded youngsters clomping through the carpark!  The mountain, however, looked splendid.
We enjoyed a lovely lunch (especially the fondue made with Mt. Hoods brewing beer - YUM) while seated at a huge window overlooking Mt. Jefferson in the distance.  These two mountains rise over and above the Cascade Ranges they are part of.   Mt. Hood is the highest mountain in Oregon and it can easily be seen from the farm, 2 hours drive away.  On the way home we drove downhill for  mile after mile after mile.  We hadn't realized just how high we'd climbed.

Roy needed to get fuel and we were very surprised to learn that it is illegal to get your own fuel in Oregon.  The attendants come out and do everything for you.  We hadn't fueled up in this State yet so we were pleased we've learned the protocol before heading off again.

Back in Woodburn we visited Jim & Becky and laughed at the antics of their dog Blaze.  Funny how dogs have us tied around their little paw...!!!   

Then it was off to the supermarket to get a few items, then home to chat and reminisce the evening away.

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