Friday, August 5, 2016


Today is the day that we've been REALLY looking forward to - riding the Beartooth Highway.  The day was perfect.  Sun shining, blue sky and no wind.  Beartooth is the continuation of Highway 212, the one we started in Wyoming.  Beartooth is in the Montana section.
Half way up the Pass we stopped at a look-off area and loved the views but more so, the antics of the little chipmunks.
We continued our way up...
Ellie almost at the top.  This is where we said goodbye to Montana and hello to Wyoming again.
The face says it all.  Paul at the summit of Beartooth Highway, 10,947 feet (3,336 meters).
We arrived in Cooke City, a small alpine village.  It was a small place and minus the tourist trappings.  It's here we got chatting to a lovely couple from Oaklahoma. They were also tripping about on their Harley.
We arrived at Yellowstone mid-afternoon and paid our $25 to enter the Park.  That gave us three days entry which is necessary as often there are no places to stay within the Park.
We were given maps of the vast mileage that is Yellowstone.  We rode past many beautiful sites and saw bison and mountain goat in their natural habitat.
We were getting closer to Mammoth Hot Springs which was our only chance of camping in the Park.  Being a long weekend we knew we had next to no chance of getting a camp spot. The traffic by this stage was ridiculous.  It was very hot by end of day so our only choice was to ride to Gardiner, not far outside the Park.  
We found ourselves a camping spot in the Gallatin National Forest called 'Eagle Ridge'.  There were only low shrubs for wind protection and the mountain views were lovely.  It was almost devoid of people which was even better.  We were a little concerned about the weather closing in at this stage.   We rode down the steep, loose-gravel road to Gardiner for dinner.
We visited a photographic exhibition of Yellowstone animals.  It was brilliant.  We then went to the 'Raven Grill & Bar' and enjoyed the best meal we've eaten since being in Canada-USA and the best Moose Drool ever drunk!  We went back to the 'Two Bit Saloon' to collect Ellie and then back up to camp.
You'll be pleased to know that the rain didn't eventuate.  Lots of lightning, but no rain.

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  1. Beartooth Pass must rank as one of the world's finest motorcycle roads. Thanks for the great photos!