Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Mid-morning we drove to Miles (part of Fremont) to check out the 'Hot August Niles' Hot Rod and Car Show.  We were very excited to see the show as we'd seen very few older American cars in our travels.
There was a lot of 'WOW' factor on display.   No need for words, just check out the photo's…                   

We came across this shop 'Don's Auto Parts' and I don't think we've ever seen a shop so chocka-block full of stuff.  It was definitely a case of standing room only (and even then you'd have to breathe in!).  Apparently the owner knew where everything was though.  A veritable Aladdin's Cave that's for sure.
Back to the car show...
WOW, what a display.  We enjoyed every minute spent at the Hot Rod show.  How could we not?  Back home Patrick got busy and nailed up a Tasmanian flag in our honour.
We spent a very pleasant afternoon relaxing in the back yard, eating nibbles and supping on drinks with a few guests popping in throughout the afternoon.  Ricky & Jodie were first to arrive, followed by Andrew and later on Mike.  Lots of laughter and chatter followed up with a barbecue.
What a perfect way to spend our last full day in U.S.A.  Thanks again Patrick & Regina.


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