Sunday, August 28, 2016


Ruth had arranged for a luxurious motor-home (coach) to be our 'home' while we were staying in Woodburn.  I was thrilled as this recreated my time here 24 years ago, except this time, Paul gets to experience it as well.
We were so comfortable we slept in.  The first lunch guests were arriving while we were still having our breakfast!  Roy & Ruth had organized a reunion  lunch for us which was great.  First to arrive was Keith & Nancy in their Lamborghini Countach - I thought it was a stealth bomber coming in the driveway!  Soon after a bright, red hot-rod arrived and I just knew who it was straight away.  I worked with Tony 24 years  ago and we shared some good times on our days off.  It was so good to see him again.  Then Jim arrived with his '57 Chevy (in original condition), followed by Gerry in his matt-black hot-rod.  A little while later Paul arrived on his original, untouched 350 Honda and then ex-neighbour's Rick & Connie dropped by.  Ruth had everything sorted for lunch so there was nothing to do except eat, drink and chat the afternoon away. 
The afternoon went much too fast and before I knew it, it was time for some to leave.  Wouldn't it be nice if time could stand still just occasionally...!!!
Six of us were still present to chat the afternoon away on the back deck so that was good.  Later on, as the sun was setting across the blueberry fields, Roy, Ruth, Paul & I went for a walk over the farm and reminisced about our 'hops' days.
We even found a few rogue hop plants which brought a smile to both our faces.

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