Friday, August 26, 2016

TUESDAY 9th AUGUST 2016 - SEATTLE (Washington) TO WOODBURN (Oregon)

We had a dream run in to the city of Seattle, our mission to visit Moto International and meet Dave RICHARDSON, the man who wrote Guzziology.  What a nice fellow he is.  We enjoyed spending a couple of hours at the shop and being surrounded by all things Guzzi.  Paul got a few little bits for Ellie and then we were on our way.
As we rode through the city center we managed to catch a glimpse of 'The Space Needle'.  We were pleased we know it's history after watching the story on TV at Chris's.  It was built for the 1962 World's Fair and was an architectural icon in its day.  It's still an eye-catching structure (see stock photo).
We soon arrived at 'Smarty Pants', a motorcycle orientated cafe on Airport Way South.  They host motorcycle evenings and are attended by various clubs in the region so we figured it was as good a place as any to eat.  We weren't disappointed.
That was followed up by the drone down Interstate 5 to Portland, Oregon.  There is no such thing as negotiating Portland.  It took us hours to get through and at a walking pace!  It was the worst traffic we'd encountered in our whole trip.  We were so pleased to get to the south side and pulled in to a rest area to take a deep breath! 
We were getting closer to our destination so kept pushing on (as was the time!).  We eventually arrived at Roy & Ruth's in Woodburn.  We greeted each other through tears as it's been 12 years since we've seen each other.  It was a glorious reunion.   Roy then showed Paul our other Moto Guzzi, a 1969 V700.  Paul was elated but we had to be careful not to let Ellie see...!!!
For me, I was thrilled to just look out the window at the farm where I worked 24 years ago.

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