Thursday, August 4, 2016


We enjoyed a relaxing morning chatting with Chris & Judi.  It was the slow kind of morning we needed after many miles and late nights.
But we were anxious to get going to see the Harley Davidson Factory.  Their last tour was at 1.30pm.  Chris didn't think we'd make it but we said "Lets give it a try".  We made it with a whole three-and-half minutes to spare!
The tour started with a short film on the history of Harley through to today.  They sure know how to market a motorcycle.  I doubt many people leave without buying a bike from them!
No photo's were allowed to be taken.  The tour was short, the factory is HUGE, over a thousand people work there, it's very noisy and production was in full swing. 
Once the tour was over and were presented with a few little goodies and it was back on  the bike and full steam ahead (Guzzi speak???) to the Harley Museum.  Now this is something we were looking forward to more than anything.  And we weren't disappointed.  Chris said that when we pull up in  the parking lot Ellie will get a LOT of attention.  We weren't so sure.   But Chris was right - she was the only non-Harley (apart from Chris' 1200 Sport) in the entire vicinity.  She was soon surrounded by curious admirers.  We did, however, manage to get a photo of Ellie out front of the Museum on her own.
  The Harley Davidson Museum is one of the best museum's we've ever seen.  The bikes were beautifully displayed starting with No.1 Harley and progressing through an example of most Harley's ever made. 
Now here's one that will surprise you.  A flat-twin Harley, the only one in existence.
They even had many toys displayed... 
There was an impressive display of board trackers complete with 'racing sounds' overhead and all the associated paraphernalia about race times, record breaking wins, the clothes they wore, etc.
They had all the various engines ever made on display and a hands-on interactive area where you could press buttons and hear a particular type of engine running. 
We progressed through the various sections...
They had on display this corroded Harley that had been swept up in the Tsunami in Japan and after floating in the ocean for more than a year and covering 4,000 miles it ended up on the beach in Canada. Because of the insulating material on the container the bike was kept afloat all that time.  The factory actually tracked the owner down and they agreed to have the bike displayed in the museum.  We are hoping they gave the owner another Harley.
Another Captain America bike.  We did get to sit and watch many movie trailers which featured the Harley Davidson.  It took us back many years and we laughed (and loved) the clips.
Two Harley's joined together - this is known as King Kong.
The owner of this bike was laid up from an injury and so he chose to decorate his Electra Glide with thousands of rhinestones and added many extra lights. The bike required an extra alternator just to accommodate the electrical load.
And our journey continues...
And my favourite was this one - a Topper
And this ended a fantastic tour of the Harley Davidson Museum.
Chris then escorted us through down-town Millwaukee for a bit of a look-see and then it was home where Paul drained Ellie's engine oil before enjoying a great meal with Chris, Judi and their friends Steve & Helen.
What a  fantastic day we've had.

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