Friday, August 5, 2016


The clouds loomed and we just knew we were in for a wet ride.  We headed 10 miles west to visit Devil's Tower and somehow dodged the showers.  We saw the Tower from the roadside rather than go in to the Park.  That was enough for us.  For you movie buffs Devil's Tower featured in 'Close Encounters of the Third Kind.'
We rode back to Hullet, fueled up and headed north on Highway 212.  It wasn't long before we crossed the border to Montana.  Soon those dark rain clouds disappeared and we were once again in the blistering sun.  We rode through flat, high-plain country, home of the big ranches. We needed a break at Broadus and ate some fruit in the shade of a tree.

We then had a long ride through North Cheyenne Indian Reservation to Crow Agency.  
We stumbled across another infamous site and decided we better check it out, that is after we had a bite to eat at Custers Trading Post.
We went across the road to Little Bighorn Batttlefield and saw the spot where Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong CUSTER fell.  This battle happened on 25th June 1876.  Also on site are the war graves from various battles throughout time. 
Back on Highway 212, which by now is a much larger road, we head in the direction of Billings.  It was a very industrial city and the only thing that drew my attention was in the neighbouring area of Boyd, and that was a 'Family Outing' car sculpture.
We are still on Highway 212 and by now getting very close to the mountain range.  We'd had a hot day in the saddle and had ridden past nothing but dry fields.  We were looking forward to some mountain air and a change in scenery as we approached the town of Red Lodge, Montana.
Paul really enjoyed his beer at the end of the day...
This little bear was a wood carving outside our motel.   They were quite a common sight in this area.
Flags were flying on every single lamp post. They made for a colorful spectacle on our evening walk home.

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