Thursday, July 14, 2016


It was almost midday when we got in to gear and confronted the streets of New York City.   There is so much to see and do that we really weren't sure where to begin.

The corner store proved an excellent place for breakfast and suffering a little jet-lag, we decided to walk down to the water front to get orientated rather than make a decision as to which marvel to check out.

We couldn't believe it when we arrived to discover the Intrepid Aircraft Carrier Museum, complete with Space Shuttle and the submarine 'Growler'.  It wasn't hard to make the decision to check it all out.
On board was an amazing display of various aircraft and helicopters. 

After viewing the aircraft we went to another specially designed hanger on the ships run-way where the first Space Shuttle was housed.
Then it was on to the submarine 'Growler'.
We spent several hours at the Aircraft Carrier Museum and were completely satisfied with our afternoons wanderings.   We then walked along the Hudson River and eventually found ourselves at the beginning of the Highline Walk.   This was an abandoned train-tram track built above the roadways in New York.   Thanks to the support of a couple of fellows the old line was saved from demolition and a garden walkway was created for a few kilometers amongst the skyscrapers.   It really is a beautiful walk and wonderfully presented.
We met some interesting characters along the way too...

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