Wednesday, July 20, 2016


A very early start for us, a light breakfast, a fast pack and we were off in the taxi to JFK Airport..  A smooth run through customs and immigration as we are leaving USA and flying to Nova Scotia in Canada.   Our flight was delayed a little and we eventually took-off at 11.40am.  We were lucky enough to be allocated premium economy seats so had lots of room to enjoy the Delta Airlines flight.

We had terrific views flying over Nova Scotia.  It was so water-logged we wondered where the roads were!  We breezed through customs with a very polite "Welcome to Nova Scotia" message from the uniformed guard and while we thought there must be more to come we walked around the corner and there was Nova Scotia waiting for us!
We were expecting the Cloud-9 bus to arrive at the airport about 4.00pm but it didn't arrive until nearly 6.00pm.   We loaded our gear in the back of the van. We squashed our stuff in to the back, along with the luggage of three other travelers and we were off heading west across the county.   Luke, the driver, was very entertaining.  Paul sat up front with him.  Meanwhile, I had a great chat with two of the ladies in the back.  They were funny and engaging and it felt like I'd known them for years.  The third lady couldn't speak English, only French.
We finally arrived at Shelburne, our destination, and were very excited to see Mike and the girls.   We knew he wouldn't be home for another half-hour and in typical N.S. fashion he'd left a note on the front door for all the world to see.   We could get the front door key from next door but we chose to wander down to the water front instead.   We passed three sheds and we knew our Ellie was in one of them.  We were really excited to meet her after a wait of almost 2 years.  Mike's house was built in 1899 and opened as the Canadian Bank of Commerce in 1901.  Many original features have been maintained in the home.  It is just gorgeous.
Mike and Clara arrived home just as we got back to the house.  Perfect timing.  Big hugs all round, a bit of chatter and then a reasonably early night for all of us.  Mike had not long returned from Ireland, we'd all been traveling and there's only so much energy to go around.  Roll on tomorrow for it's going to be a very special day.

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