Thursday, July 21, 2016


First job for today is to go over Ellie with a fine tooth comb. Paul & Mike went to the Automotive Shop to buy oils for engine and gearbox, brake fluid and a new horn (for rego).

Insurance is a huge potential problem because we don't have a Canadian licence and we can't get Ellie registered without obtaining insurance first.  In Canada, the order of events is:  obtain insurance, get rego and then have your vehicle inspected.

After a couple of phone calls it was looking like we wouldn't get off first base but we kept pushing through the bureaucracy and fortunately for us there was an insurance broker right here in Shelburne.   Even more fortunate was the agent had just been to Australia for a holiday, loved it and went all out to help us.   Within the hour we walked out with the required papers in hand.

Then it was off to the Registration Office.   Our potential problem here is we won't get registration because we don't have the Canadian licence.   We turned up at the office to find Mike also waiting to attend to a rego matter.  He was really worried about our chances of getting Ellie registered but all we can do is go through the motions.
We walked out of the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) walking on clouds and holding that all important piece of paper and our number plate which meant we could now begin our trip.   Our grins were as wide as the street.

Back to Mikes and the process of changing out all the oils, attaching the new horn and pillion seat and fitting the rear rack which we brought over from home.  Luckily for us the rack broke in one spot so Paul had the opportunity to weld it up on the spot.  Better here than on the road.
After I helped with the rack, I left Paul to it and Clara and I wandered along the shores of town.  It was beautiful in the twilight and Clara was a fantastic tour guide.

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