Sunday, July 24, 2016


On the road again, this time heading south back towards Shelburne.  Along the way we called in to Kejimkujik National Park.  We had no intention of staying, we just wanted to get an idea of what the Park was about.   In a split second decision we decided to ride into the central area of the park, about 10 miles inland.  So glad we did.  
At the exact moment we pulled in, a Mi'Kmaq (First Nations) descendant began a group talk about her ancestors and how they lived, communicated, hunted, built their wigwams, clothed themselves, cooked their meals, how they made musical instruments, how they sang and even heard a moose call.  It was absolutely fascinating.  She spoke to a crowd of about 80 people.  Once the talk was over we wandered down to the lake to soak up the serenity.   It was so peaceful.  Everyone left the moment the talk was over, back in their cars and off in whatever direction they were headed.  We went back and spoke to the lady who demonstrated the Mi'Kmaq tribal ways and we able to learn more and feel and touch the implements and tools and even try on the native squaw's dress.
It was fabulous.   When she found out what our plans were she said her spirits and the spirits of her people would be with us.   It felt so real and so reassuring.  I was comforted by it all and felt at ease with the trip ahead.
Following on from this enlightening experience we decided we better makes tracks as it was now midday and we still had a lot of miles to cover.
We arrived back at Shelburne mid-afternoon and two minutes later Mike pulled in after collecting Pam (his gorgeous partner) from the airport (she just returned from Ireland).  Good timing all round.  We sorted our belongings, charged up the computer and camera (the leads went missing for a few days but the bus driver who collected us from the airport dropped them off at Mikes yesterday - whew), sent a parcel of bike parts and oddities home, and then Paul packed the camping gear on Ellie.   The girls came around to say farewell.  Hugs all round before they left again. 
Mike, Pam, Paul & I enjoyed a pizza and cold drink on the front verandah, overlooking the passer-by's and enjoying a good chat.  A friend of Mike's popped in on his Harley bobber and Paul tried it out for size.  The decision was made that he wouldn't like to ride it more than around the block! 
And then, sadly, the time came for us to bid our farewell and head west. Many thanks Mike & Pam for looking after Ellie for almost two years. It was very much appreciated.

We rode to Yarmouth on the far west of Nova Scotia arriving at 8.45pm.  We were quietly excited as this marked the beginning of our cross-continent ride in the weeks to come.  Our parting evening shot of Yarmouth was of a glorious sunset which we took as a sign of good things to come.

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  1. I love seeing all the pics of your(our--tee hee) adventure. Happy Trails, and I look forward to seeing your progress across the land. xo