Thursday, July 28, 2016


Following a leisurely breakfast (starting to get used to this holiday thing!) Nick, Chris, Paul & I all bundled in the car to head off in to the wilds (well, with Nick we could of ended up ANYWHERE).  We drove some of Nick's favourite local roads and at each stop we learnt something.  Sometimes there are things happening right in front of our noses but until they are pointed out we don't see them!  We stopped at lagoons and lakes, saw our first bullfrog, turtle nests, an abandoned beaver dam and many colourful dragon flies.  Chris gave me a botanical lesson along the way.   Chris, I still think of you every time I see Sumac!
We drove a little further on and pulled up in a car park.  We thought we were going for a little wander in the bush but a couple of hours later we returned to the car after seeing an amazing array of structures, all part of the Rideau Canal system.   But first, our little jaunt through the forest revealed poison ivy, a rather large black rat snake (we dashed in closer for a better look but the snake had other ideas!) and a couple of hairy woodpeckers (these thrilled us, they are the funniest little critter).  We then got to see Chaffey's Locke and bore witness to a boat coming through the lower and upper stages of passing through the locke system.
From here our walk took us past the Stone Arch Dam.  It was the third highest dam in the world at it's completion in 1831 and the (familiar-to-us) woodstave pipes generating power from the water flow.   We have remnants of woodstave pipes in Tasmania. 
The grounds surrounding the Jones Falls Locke Station were in perfect order.  So very British.
We'd spent quite some time in the locke system and we all decided it was time for some eats.   We were taken to Battersea and had lunch at the Creekside Bar & Grill.   We were greeted by a Canadian bear before being seated and tucking in to lunch.  But before we could begin Chis made us try the Canadian National dish of poutine (fries with cheese and gravy on top). YUK is all we could say (sorry Chris).
Back at Nick & Chris' house we sat around and enjoyed a good afternoon of  chatter and laughs.  Sadly, the time came for us to pack the bike and head towards Prince Edward County.   We didn't want to leave, it was so comfortable and easy to stay, not to mention the left-over birthday cake from yesterday!
We bade our farewell to Chris and then Nick on his Eldo and us on Ellie departed.  Nick took us the back way out to the Adolphus Reach where we said our goodbyes.  It was only a few kilometers up the road before we caught the Glenora Ferry to Prince Edward County.
We arrived at the Picton Harbour Inn a short time later and settled in to our room that overlooks the harbour.  We were thrilled. What a lovely place to stay.
We walked up to the main street to get orientated.  We got a few groceries for our breakfasts for the next few days.   We had our evening meal at the Country Canteen.  The place was chocka-block full of people and noise.  We couldn't get a table until 9.45pm which was okay as it's just getting dark at that time.   A guitarist-singer was performing and I caught glimpses of a delightful voice through the din of the restaurant.   When she finished a set she came and chatted with us for a few moments.  Imagine our surprise when she said her name was Astrid YOUNG (half-sister to Neil YOUNG).

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  1. Loving the adventure Paul and Kerry. Te Rusty Nuts are following your exploits with much interest and anticipation. Loved the pics from Tim and Abby's wedding!