Monday, July 25, 2016


A very early start for us.  We had to be showered, breakfasted, packed and down at the ferry terminal by 7.30am.  We went through the customs process as we say goodbye to Canada and cross the Gulf of Maine to Portland, Maine on the Sea-Cat. 
The crossing was a complete whiteout for the whole 5-hour crossing.   The arrival in Portland Harbour was lovely.
Going through USA customs they advised us that they had a problem!  No worries, we've dealt with problems before.  Let's have it...
Turns out they were concerned that we are Australian, have a registered Canadian motorcycle (how on earth did we do that if we don't live there?) and what are we going to do with the bike in USA?   We told them our plans and they didn't like that at all...!!!  Basically we can't bring the motorcycle in to the United States unless we change the registration insurance to America.  Large dollar signs loomed and upon further discussion it was decided that we would leave Ellie in Vancouver.  We had evidence of a friends address there and they were satisfied with that.  Yikes, we still have another four border crossing to go through.  
Portland is quite a nice city.   There are similarities to Salamanca with both places being port towns, and constructed of red brick.   We found some shade as it was getting very hot by this time.  We had lunch and then wandered about town for a bit.  
We found a couple of motorcycle shops, one being Phoenix Motorcycles who specialize in restoring and fixing vintage Japanese motorcycles.  The next shop, Street Cycles, was in Falmouth and was a well stocked Triumph and BMW shop.  Paul was looking for a small, magnetic tank-bag but in true form they sold their last one the day before.

On the road again and we headed north to Bethel.  We arrived at Ruthie's Bethel Village Motel at 7.30pm and our friend Mac was there waiting for us.  Greetings done, we freshened up and walked down to the local pub for a meal.  Mac had also done a big days ride to meet us at Bethel.  He knows this place well and we were surprised when we sort-of bypassed the pub and went to a back door which led to a cellar bar.  It was a great place with good food.

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