Friday, July 29, 2016


We decided to stay at Picton one more day and just chill out.  It was such a beautiful place to stay on the waterfront.   Late morning we rode back to Prinyers Cove to have brunch with Tom & Abby and their families.  It was a nice way to wind down after yesterday and a better chance to chat with others that were there.  Tom's parents got into the 'Ellie Act' too.  They are also Guzzi riders so appreciated her fine qualities.
Following on from brunch we explored the Cove and ended up at the County Cider Company where we relaxed and chatted half the afternoon away.
There was a fellow there who drove an immaculate 1959 Triumph.  He bought it in 1964 for $190.
We then visited an area called Lake on the Mountain.  We sat by the lake for ages and Paul even saw a snake swimming along the shoreline.  That was fortuitous as a noisy family came along to play in 'our' area and I quietly mentioned to the parents that the kids might like to catch the snake.  They were out of there in no time!

We then stopped at the 'Diamond J Ranch' to check out the horses and donkey.   I've always had a weakness for donkeys.
Once back at the Picton Harbour Inn we kicked back and relaxed and just enjoyed the quietness of the afternoon.

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