Friday, July 22, 2016


Mike, Clara & Jessica left early for Lockeport as Jessica was performing on stage later that morning.  She is one brilliant singer-songwriter and one to watch out for.  We were dragging the chain a bit but eventually got on the road for our first ride together on Ellie.  We got there in time to watch Jess sing thank-goodness. 
Today is an important day and we had been told at the Airport that Lockeport is one of the best places to be on Canada Day.  We also met up with Amanda (Jess & Clara's mum) and her husband Steve.
Paul was held at gun-point by George the Pirate - he was serious (but funny) as he gave us 'kids' a pirate coin.
Before Mike left for home he took us to a couple of his friends homes to show us their vintage cars. The oldest being a 1907 Model T Sportster.  It was lovely.  A few old cars chuffing by as they were getting ready for the village parade.
We had fish'n'chips at the White Gull Restaurant on the waterfront.  Very pleasant looking out over the harbour.
We then watched the NOISY parade go through town.  It was quite fun and rekindled those classic memories of being a child.  There was a great parade of old cars and coming up the rear were a dozen incredibly noisy fire engines from all the surrounding districts.  Think they were all trying to outdo each other on their horns and sirens.
After the parade we decided to walk to the beach to see the Seafarers Memorial. Each town has one and there are hundreds of names displayed as lives lost at sea.   Thousands of people have died in Nova Scotian waters over the the last 200 years.  
We walked up to an outlook and then followed our noses around the peninsula's, points, bay's and beaches and before we knew it we'd done a complete circumnavigation of Lockeport.  A lovely way to experience Canada Day.
Back at 'home' Paul replaced the engine, gearbox and diff oils and now Ellie is ready for some serious riding.

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  1. Lovin' your work guys. As always enjoying the read. Think of us shivering here in the Land Down Under Down Under! Rod and Kim.