Sunday, July 24, 2016


Off in to town for breakfast only to discover that nothing was open.   We checked our watches, 9.30am, but nothing open!   I smiled, I liked the place.
We rode back out to the highway and got a snack at a roadside gas station, then it was onwards and upwards (literally) as we headed north towards Bay of Fundy.
We called in to visit Ross Farm Museum which showcases farming practices from the mid 1800's. It was quite fascinating.  They cropped, farmed animals, black-smithing & cooperage displays (barrel making), they showed how they made their straw hats, in fact, everything for survival back in those days.  It is a working farm and everything is done as it used to be.  It is also a viable farm, I guess partly due to the  influx of tourists.  It was a wonderful place to  see.
We continued north and found ourselves on a dirt road amongst the Christmas trees.  Nova Scotia was the worlds largest supplier of Christmas trees (firs) so we wanted to get a little closer to them and not just pass them by.  They are regularly  pruned and shaped to produce that classic Christmas tree shape.
On we went to Hall's Harbour which showcases perfectly the worlds biggest change in tides. When we arrived the tide was already half out.  Normally the boats would be sitting high right up against the pier.  While we ate lunch we watched the tide receed and couldn't believe how quick it was.  Of course the temptation to act like children and walk out on the sea floor was too great and so we did.  
 After really enjoying Hall's Harbour we rode east to see the views from the 'Lookoff' which shows a vast expanse of the tidal recession in the Minas Basin, Bay of Fundy.
Time had marched on and so we decided to head west.  It seemed to take forever to reach Annopolis Royal but we made it by 8.30pm.  Found a place to stay and got ourselves a meal. We thought the Police were watching us as they drove past three times and then walked past and checked us out.  We then discovered the Police Station was right next door!

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