Friday, July 29, 2016


We had a very relaxed morning at the Picton Harbour Inn.  We had our breakfast overlooking the harbour and the quaint little steam boat 'ROSEBUD'.
A short walk into town to visit the various retro and second-hand shops.   Paul was on the hunt for a 'special' part for Ellie.  And he found it...
The Inn had several other Aussie's staying and we were all there for Tom & Abby's wedding.  Soon enough it was time to tog up and ride out to Prinyers Cove.  It was a beautiful day. We were a bit concerned about our outfits as we couldn't fit an extra pair of shoes each in our luggage.  I figured we could wear our bike boots and pass them off as next years fashion statement.  I think it worked!
The wedding was, more so than most weddings, romantic and special.  The guests were sitting at the picturesque Cove and watched Tom bring his bride-to-be downstream in a lovely little sail boat.  There was hardly a dry eye in the place.   A perfect start to married life.
Tom and Abby spent the best part of  a year traveling the far reaches of our planet on a motorcycle so it was appropriate that Ellie be part of their special day.  The meal was superb, the speeches hilarious, followed by dancing, fireworks and more dancing.  A wonderful day for everyone.

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