Thursday, July 14, 2016


First thing we did was walk downtown and the first place we saw was the New York Stock Exchange (Wall Street).
You would think we'd be sky-scrapered out by now but no, we are still mightily impressed by the whole concrete jungle.  We explored the cemetery at Trinity Church on our way to the 9-11 Memorial Gardens.   The Memorial Gardens & twin ponds was a sombre experience.  It's an amazingly beautiful tribute to all those who lost their lives in that dreadful event. 

We then entered the depths of the 9-11 Memorial Museum and spent several hours in quiet contemplation as we were walked through the happenings of that day.  I doubt there could ever have been a better memorial built.  It was incredibly respectful to those who lost their lives and at the same time factual about the time-line of events and how they unfolded.   I can honestly say I left the museum with tears in my eyes.  I felt this tapestry summed up the event and the loss very well.
The now famous fire truck, all bent and twisted, with the cabin ripped off was on display.

Once back outside, and gathering our thoughts, we headed for the park for some quiet reflection.  The 9-11 Museum is probably the best display we've ever seen in  our lives.

Time was marching on and so it was to the ferry and off to visit the Statue of Liberty.  The day had dulled over so no bright colours displaying her beauty.  But somehow she didn't need them.  She really is a gorgeous lady.  We caught the last ferry back to Downtown.

We wandered up to  Wall Street to walk it's length and found the famous 'bull' which is symbolic for the Financial District.  Note the not-so-shiny bits as well as the highly polished shiny-bits!

We found ourselves back down at the port side at Pier 16 where the historic ships tie up.  It was quiet and very pleasant down there.  We walked further along and found ourselves at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge.  We could look up at it and know what she was like along her length.

We ended the day with a lovely meal at Route 66 Smoke House.

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