Thursday, July 14, 2016


Can't believe we woke up so early after an exhausting day yesterday.  We are excited about New York.  Our plan was to go to the Empire State Building early and get in a shorter line rather than wait in a long cue as the day progressed.   We got through the line very quickly and up we went to the 86th Floor and then to the 102nd floor.   We were flabbergasted.  The views were stunning.
Nothing could follow the Empire State experience.  We came back down to earth in a dazed and elated state.  We wandered up to the New York Public Library and I did a little research on my great-great grandfather who was born in Brooklyn.  I found a little information but didn't have the time to spend hours there.
From there we walked to Grand Central Station, a building I longed to see.  And we weren't disappointed.  She is indeed a grand place.
After that we walked to Maddison Square Park with the sole purpose of seeing the Flatiron Building.  It is beautiful and one of New York's iconic images.
 We caught the subway to Soho to visit the Ducati and Triumph shop.  We managed to stay 2 minutes, no longer.  The modern bikes just don't quite do it for us.  But from here we wandered through the Soho District which is quite hip and trendy.  I thought it was a down-and-out place but I couldn't have been more wrong.
What we were really looking for is an area known as Little Italy.  It is unchanged since the first Italian migrants arrived in this city.  It is vibrant, colourful and has wonderful smells that only the Italian's know how to create.  It didn't disappoint.
We caught the subway back to Times Square and once at street level we caught the last of the sun sinking below the horizon.
We decided to have Mexican for dinner.  After that we explored the bazaars and the Theatre District.  So intriguing in the night light.
Back through Times Square on our way home.  

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