Thursday, July 28, 2016


It's my birthday today.  Mac promised to spank me but he never delivered...!!!   We were back on the road with Mac in the lead.  Mac certainly has no problem with doing thousands of miles at the drop of a hat.  We rode past Lake Placid where previous winter Olympics have been held.  We observed Olympic horse training in full swing.   I guess the season for training is short due to the amount of snow on the ground in winter.
Along the road we got a surprise (and a thrill) when two deer jumped out on the road in front of us.  They were far enough away not be a danger but it made us be a little more aware of wildlife.
We stopped at a diner in Harrisville for lunch.  They had tables and seats out the back and in the shade so we took advantage of that.  
We had to keep pushing on as still quite a few miles to cover on our way to Cape Vincent where we were going to catch the ferry to Wolfe Island.   When we arrived I was getting off the bike to say our farewells to Mac.   He pushed me back on and said, "Quick, you've got to go now".  I didn't quite get it but it turns out the ferry was in dock and about to leave.  We didn't even get to say a proper farewell and thank Mac for all his guidance the last couple of days!   We lined up to get on the ferry but were stopped.  Ferry not due to leave for another 10 minutes.  We turned around to tell Mac but he was gone, along with Ellie's spare parts and incidentals in Mac's pannier!   Now we know how Mac has accumulated a shed full of Guzzi spares...!!! 

We eventually got on the tiniest ferry in the world.   The crossing to Wolf Island was a little rough and it was a concern when the cars started rolling back and forward.  I had visions of Paul and Ellie being pinned between cars!
We disembarked at Point Alexandria on Wolfe Island and we had to go through the Customs process as we are now back on Canadian soil.   We then rode the short distance across the Island to catch the next ferry to Kingston, Ontario.
We were met by Nick at the Kingston end of the ferry ride.  I was giving him a big wave but he would not have seen me in the crowd.  It wasn't hard to spot his well-used and loved Eldorado on the wharf.
After the greetings Nick took us to Lower Brewers Locke which is part of the Rideau Canal system.
We arrived at Nicks place, met his wife Chris, son Sam and his girlfriend but special mention has to be made about four-legged Fenton.
Chris cooked up a wonderful Italian meal.  It was just perfect.  Lots of chatter and laughter and then, to my surprise, a BIG chocolate birthday cake came out.  WOW.  What an unexpected surprise.  Best chocolate cake I've ever had.   Thanks Nick & Chris.

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  1. How's the bike, Paul? And how's your tail coping with the hours in the saddle, Kerry?